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Writing is simple when lorem quis bibendum

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Manthan Art School

UI/UX PROCESS TO RE-DESIGN MANTHAN’S SITE This project was executed by Manthan’s students Pavan Patil, Shilpa Mhatre, Tejas More, Amita Dustakar & Shashikant Sharma. I worked as a project manager with this student team Manthan the school of advertising & art is well known & praised by lot of students for the courses it offers …

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SPNS Furniture UI

UI SUGGESTIONS TO RE-DESIGN We did some basic design based research & came up with following observations about SPNS web site’s look & feel. Main points(scope for improvement) – Dull colors giving overall dull look to site Product photos aren’t that impact-full Visitor miss out to look at some parts of site Some sections …

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Central Bank Of India

UI/UX PROCESS TO RE-DESIGN CENTRAL BANK’S SITE We revamped & developed this site with D W Groupé (design partner) based on the brief shared by Central Bank of India’s Team & our Usability Analysis of old cluttered bank’s web site. Old site was cluttered & was not optimized for mobile devices. Challenge was to make …

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