Tushar's Persona

12 Years in Digital, UI/UX Consultant & Trainer

Creative, Empathetic, Passionate, Process-driven, Team-player

Tools he likes

Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries.


Tushar More is a passionate UI/UX Design consultant & a certified trainer


User Research, Business Strategy, Technology, Mental Models, Personas, User Journey Mapping, Affinity Mapping, Lean UX, Design Thinking, Agile Methods, Design Sprints, Usability Testing


Likes to follow proper process

Strongly believes in research driven approach

Uses creativity to deliver on time

He is aware that testing is important at every step of the process


Hates tight project deadlines that do not allow to follow complete process

Feels sad about poor understanding / confusion seen in Indian mindset about Design Process

Usability Testing

I conducted this session for testing & user feedback on anti-hacking mobile app to understand the areas for improvement.

Latest Activities

Workshop with former CEO(STARCOM) & CFO(PUBLICIS) from Advertising Industry planning their upcoming product(MVP) with my team


Education & Certifications


Design Thinking Innovation

Human Centered Design

UI/UX Trainer for Adobe Creative Technology Academy

Human Centered Business Design

Let's take your business to the next level. I am Ideo Certified in the Human-centered business design process.

UI/UX Design Consultant

With 11+ years experience in Digital Advertising & Design I work on UI/UX Design projects with startups, SMEs as well as some large scale businesses

Corporate Trainer

I have conducted 200+ training sessions on UI/UX, Design Thinking, Front-end Development, User Centered Business Design, Digital Transformation, etc.