SPNS Furniture UI


We did some basic design based research & came up with following observations about SPNS web site’s look & feel.

Main points(scope for improvement) –

  • Dull colors giving overall dull look to site

  • Product photos aren’t that impact-full

  • Visitor miss out to look at some parts of site

  • Some sections are not showcased effectively

  • Brand colors (Orange & Grey) overused at some places


Current Site Observations


Based on discussions with client & looking at business expansion goals in client’s future plans web site needs to be transformed in some areas.

As per client’s input current sales are showing good in B2B segment while current site is geared more towards B2C

Current wire-frame


We propose restructuring of current site to make it more B2B friendly


Our proposed Mock-up


Lo-Fi to Hi-Fi Design


Old vs New Site UI Design


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